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Pardon our simplicity -- we are only in the early stages of creating our place on the internet. We soon hope to include all sorts of useful information about life in Wicktonville, web cams, town council meeting minutes, and even work with some of our store owners to do the online shopping thing (when you don't want to drive the three blocks to the downtown area).

The town council has commissioned students in the multimedia program at Wicktonville Community College to help develop our web site as part of their studies. (They are doing it for a grade, not pay, though, so progress is less than fast -- hence a lot of so-called lorem-ipsum, or filler, text, as the class learns various web site design concepts.)

About Wicktonville
Founded on August 8, 1907, Wicktonville began as a thriving whistle-stop depot for Transcontinental Railroad. After TRR stopped operating, Wicktonville was revitalized in the 1920s during a booming cracker craze that took the nation by storm.

Today, Wicktonville Township is the home of darn near 2,000 people. In addition to a number of fine family-owned businesses in town, Wicktonville Wafers continues to crank out crackers by the carton -- we just choose to ship them by truck (no railroad cars for us!).

You can find a bit more of our history on the Chamber of Commerce's History of Wicktonville page.

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