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Wicktonville is proud of its business community. Most businesses have been in town for decades, passing from parents to children and to grandchildren. A mixture of small-town community, loyal patronage, and a general lack of interest from the chain stores in our small community leaves little competition from the giant, big-box stores -- leaving the shopping and business experience as a personal interaction between neighbors and friends.

This section of our web site focuses on some of the businesses that have been founded and have chosen to remain part of the Township. Please browse through the menu items listing Businesses (above) to learn a bit more about the business owners that make up our community.

The shopkeepers and merchants are listed in the Shops section (so we chose not to double-list them in this area.)

Odds are you help support these businesses, know it or not, by the choice of products you buy, the places you work, and the services you subscribe you. Wicktonville's business community thanks you for your continued support!

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