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Starbears Coffee & Such

StarBears first opened its doors to the coffee-drinking public in 1987. Wicktonville, and truly all of Lintswitch County, found itself left out of the coffee craze rooted in the Seattle scene. Frustrated that a local franchise was not an option (that particular chain doesn't franchise itself), Shawn and Lizzie Mack opened StarBears to meet the increasing demand for percolated happiness.

The name and mascot is a combination of what the Macks felt best represented Wicktonville and their vision for a coffee-fueled sanctuary. If you're drinking up at home, but want to feel like you're in the store, take home one of our mugs -- or visit our spot on Wicktonville Shops to get your StarBears Coffee 11 oz. Mug delivered!

StarBears Coffee & Such is now open in three locations in the county to get you revved up and running, all day long:

  • Wicktonville - 606 Athens Street (612-4612)
  • Fieldburg - 1282 Phoenix Blvd (726-6829)
  • New Bedport - 7101-2 Mason-Dixon Ln (562-6222)

So, what's up with the panda? It's a nod to the local panda sanctuary and active retirement community. The shifty eyes? No one is quite sure... some think he (she?) has something to hide; others speculate Panda is worried about someone stealing the precious bamboo, others yet wonder if it's too much caffeine in the coffee. What's your theory?

StarBears Coffee & Such

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