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Wicktonville Wafers

The Wicktonville Cracker Factory opened its doors in 1921, taking advantage of local know-how, cheap business loans, and ready access to a rail line for shipment into markets nationwide. When the small family business incorporated in 1924, the president and founder, Samuel Clements, changed the name to Wicktonville Wafers.

Wicktonville Wafers is proud to have existed on the same location since 1921. (The road wasn't named at first, and folks took to calling it Cracker Road, but that was abandoned after a Township Council member observed the name could be derogatory.) The road was formally named Industrial Drive shortly thereafter.

Wicktonville Wafers continues to thrive in much the same manner as it did when Samuel first opened its doors: by catering to the restaurant industry's need for bread-based food items. Today, Wicktonville Wafers remains one of the largest producers of salad croutons in the nation, supplying chain restaurants, grocery stores and discount warehouse clubs with their products. (Through co-branding, Wicktonville Wafers is the silent partner to many "house brand" bread and cracker product that you may find in your grocery store today.)

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