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Wicktonville Streets and Parks Department

Wicktonville Streets and Parks Department is responsible for the care, upkeep and expansion of our Township's parks and streets. S&P manages the Township's nine parks and 36 streets and roads.

Wicktonville's Parks (and their Location)

Sun Park - Center of Celestial Subdivision Central Park - Civic Plaza
Charon Park - Northwestern edge of Pluto Ln Maple Leaf - SW Wicktonville Blvd. & Maple St.
Hydra Park - Northeastern edge of Pluto Ln Sports Park - Athens Street
Nix Park - Southwestern edge of Pluto Ln Railroad Park - Depot Ave. & Walnut St.
Psamathe Park - Southeastern edge of Pluto Ln  

Streets and Parks is staffed by four full-time Township employees to tend to the parks, common planted areas (such as the flower beds along Wicktonville Boulevard), maintain the Townships' streets, and decorate the light posts and trees for the holidays, parades, and other special events.

You can contact Streets and Parks to report a problem at any of the parks, street problems (flooding, pot holes, etc.), or discuss any other concerns. The offices are located at 2175 Service Road, or call at 612-2322. Please leave a voicemail message if the crew is away from the office when you call.

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