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Township Departments

Aside from our residents, the Township employees of Wicktonville are instrumental in keeping our community focused on the future. The departments within Wicktonville are:

Aside from the formal departments, City Hall hosts our Mayor and City Council Offices.

For you scanner buffs, all departments utilize VHF radio frequencies, as shown below. Mutual Aid channels are not published here, but are available from the County and state Office of Emergency Services (and generally in most published directories). Note that the channels below are primary only; personnel may use other channels for larger events or for "talk-around" functions during emergency response.

Department Radio Frequency
Fire Department 151.6250 MHz "Red"
Police Department 154.5700 MHz "Blue"
Streets & Parks 154.6000 MHz "Green"
Utility District 151.9550 Mhz "Purple"

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