About the Company

As an organization, we were established in 2006, flowing our first 5-year in late 2007, and incorporating in early 2008. That first flow test all but came to us, having been "discovered" by one local fire protection contractor who needed quick access to a reliable fire pumper engine, after the one they hired had previously arrived on-site and failed to deliver on the promise of a quick, easy and successfully completed flow test.

In the years since, we have grown in knowledge, team size and dramatically reduced the age of our first-out equipment by a solid decade. (That first test in 2007 was accomplished by our 1977 pumper; our fleet now includes vehicles into the early 1990s.)

Each location remains managed by the same folks who opened the doors a decade ago for these services, is not a franchise or diversified organization, and never will be. We're strong believers of delivering a quality, reliable service at a reasonable price, and will always go toe-to-toe with the "other guys" to ensure you can land the job with our aggressively priced, no-hassle team. With our strong, focused leadership team, we've not had to raise prices since 2010, though still add to what's included (like the first tank of water and the Hose Monster and gauges). Can the other guys claim the same?