Information for Fire Protection Contractors

To keep things simple -- one of our core goals -- we've dropped the essentials into the WHAT WE PROVIDE and WHAT YOU PROVIDE columns. As the names suggest, it's what you can expect from us, and for us to provide, and what your team should plan on having available to ensure a quick, safe and successful test.



  • A staffed fire pumper engine (all our engines are 1250 or 1500 GPM apparatus)
  • A full tank of water on arrival (typically 750 gallons)
  • A Hose Monster with both 1 1/8" and 1.75" inserts and a calibrated gauge
  • A boatload of 2.5-inch fire hose (500+ feet) and large diameter supply hose
  • All the necessary adapters, fittings and tools to connect up and get the job done
  • Radios or phone options to communicate with us during the test
  • A certificate of insurance for the files, showing our General Liability, Workers Compensation and Vehicle insurance coverages, if your office folks need these
  • For stand-by jobs of a longer duration, we provide support vehicles to facilitate around-the-clock staffing needs


  • A planned date, time, and job site details -- and a PO# if your company relies upon those
  • A team on the discharge end to read the gauges (helps you complete the paperwork)
  • A water meter or water access permission IF the water we bring out is not enough to complete the test -- we do not arrange for, nor bring, water meters with us
  • ... and at the end of the job, the paperwork for the property owner, fire marshal, etc., to document the successful testing of the system. (Of course, we can provide vehicle/pump details if necessary for your report.)