Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Our Anaheim-based team provides coverage for the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, as well as neighboring areas. This team also currently staffs jobs for the San Diego service area.

Of course, if you're a property owner or manager, you will want to locate a fire protection contractor in the area, who in turn would hire us in as part of performing a proper water flow test as part of the 5-year test.

To find a contractor in your area -- or to call upon a few to get quotes -- refer to the various resources below to find the right folks for the job:

  • The local listing of Union contractors can be found here: Contractors associated with UA Local 709 - Los Angeles
  • Google up a listing by clicking here (the results typically are clever to show you the results that are local to where you are located, but if not, in the search box, include the name of your area, like fire protection contractor Los Angeles -- or substitute Los Angeles with your city's name in this example)
  • ... or if you're old school, hit the phone book's Yellow Pages and look under Fire Protection Contractors